Videos and other resources for our clients

Making our website into a valuable resource for our clients is very important to us.  There are more tools and resources available when compared to almost anywhere else and this month we highlight our educational videos. 

We hope you enjoy these 'extras' and if you have any question then click on the Contact Us button  and ask. 



Educational videos on accounting topics. Every 12 weeks the current range of 6 videos is changed for another 6. 18 in all and all are relevant, interesting, educational and interesting. Videos that are changed three times a year to ensure you and your family are able to lean about many issues related financial issues and topics.  This month's topics are: 

  • Why choose and Accountant?
  • Understanding Estate Planning
  • Reducing your capital gains tax liability
  • Lending interest rates effect everyone differently
  • Caring for Aged Parents
  • How franking credits work

Latest news articles. 7-9 individual articles every month, though 13-15 in March, and all chosen for their relevance. Our website is a great place to stay informed.

Calculators. A good range of calculators to help you better understand and manage your personal and family financial issues. Four of the more popular are: Pay calculator, Budget Calculator, Loan Calculator, and Super Calculator

Client portals. Portals are quite common on many sites and can be used to store your data, pay bills, log onto investment systems.

Ask us a question at any time. If you have a question on any related topic then don’t hesitate to use a form on our site to ask.

Your information is private and confidential and should be treated that way. Using Secure File Transfer means your information is encrypted when sent in either direction over the Internet.

Many sites also have a message window feature that displays messages of interest or that cover topics and deadlines you should be aware of.


* Not all are on every website.

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Latest Accounting News

Approaching the dawn

COVID-19 has completely, and mercilessly, dictated the direction of economies and financial markets through...

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Returning expats reminded on tax snares with pensions, investments

With thousands of Australian expats still hoping to return home following COVID-19, a mid-tier firm has...

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Vaccination rates as they happen around the world

A new resource is now available that shows the rates per country of COVID-19 vaccinations.  We all suffered...

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80¢ per hour work-from-home deduction method extended

  Taxpayers continuing to work from home in the new year will be allowed to continue using the simplified...

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Videos and other resources for our clients

Making our website into a valuable resource for our clients is very important to us.  There are more tools...

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Brazen ATO scam costs Sydney woman $22k

  Brazen scams continue.  Police have issued a warning after a Sydney woman fell prey to an...

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Key dates for the second JobKeeper extension period

  The JobKeeper program moves into its final phase from Monday, with payment rates set to be...

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Toyota returns $18m in JobKeeper payments

  The Japanese car manufacturer has confirmed it has approached the ATO to return more than $18 million...

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ATO extends JobKeeper deadlines ahead of Christmas

  JobKeeper deadlines for the second extension period have now been extended by the ATO ahead of the...

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Small-business coronavirus grants set to be income tax-free under new bill

  A new bill that ensures state and territory grants issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic are...

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Victorian State Budget Overview 2020 – 2021

  On Tuesday 24 November, the Victorian Treasurer, Tim Pallas announced the 2020-21 budget, detailing a...

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How Australians are taking advantage of income tax cuts

  New research has offered insight into how Australians intend to save the gains generated from income tax...

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